7 Ideas Which Will Make You Say, “Oh Yes! My Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is the Best”


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Photographs are the best way an individual relives any memory and in case of his/her wedding, it is not just only about hiring a photographer and getting photos clicked. It is about hiring the best photographer who knows what you want, who knows his business, who knows what is in trend, who knows what to do. Yes! A perfect wedding photographer has a big list of ‘who knows’.

But the list does not end here, you as a couple or bride or groom should also know what type of photography you are looking for. Therefore to help you out, we bring a brief list of different styles/themes of photography which you can use for your upcoming pre-wedding photoshoot.

  1. Going Black & White: No other photography brings out emotions the way Black & White photography does. Generally, colorful pictures bring a noise to an overall look, as there are millions of colors which catch our attention together at once. But in the case of B&W photography, because of limited numbers of colors, the picture speaks through the subject only and hence pure emotions come out. So this is one of the top most recommended styles of a pre-wedding photoshoot.
  1. Bringing in the Passion: There are a lot of couples who have a hobby which they love by heart. For some, it can be painting or biking or cooking etc. So it will be superb to have a pre-wedding photoshoot which involves your passion. Some of the best wedding photographer in Bangalore recommend couples to include the activities they love the most as it brings out real emotions in the images.
  1. Let’s Bring Out the Drone: This is the most trending style of photography which gained a lot of momentum in 2018. Drone (a remote-controlled flying camera) captures some of the most beautiful aerial shots. You must have seen aerial images, where the groom is lying his head (face-up) in the lap of the bride, and the bride’s gown/lehenga is covering the whole area. Such kind of aesthetically appealing photographs is clicked using drones.
  1. Enjoying the Rains: Getting a pre-wedding photoshoot done in rains can be a bit challenging but trust us, the results will be worthwhile. Rain photoshoots are really fun in nature where both of you can literally become kids, jump and dance around or steam it up a bit by stealing a rainy kiss. Such moments are worth capturing.
  1. Show the Real You: How about ditching all sort of fancy clothes, heavy makeup, and gettings photoshoot done of real you. Yes! This kind of pre-wedding photography is being preferred by many couples. Dressed in casual clothes, sitting on the couch and watching TV or simply enjoying the moments. You both can easily say, finally a part of the wedding which is relaxed and fun.
  1. Hooman! Hooman! Me Too: We bet that by using the word ‘hooman’ we got the attention of all the pet lovers. Yes! For all those couples who own doggos or cattos, including the fur-babies in the pre-wedding photo shoot is a great idea. It won’t be wrong to say that for the pet owners, seeing the face of their pets brings a heart-warming smile to their face. And this smile should be captured!
  2. Let’s Dive-In Baby: Underwater kissing in no longer limited to big screens only. This trend has come from reel life to real life as many couples are opting for underwater pre-wedding shoots.

We hope after going through the above ideas, you will now easily choose the type of pre-wedding photography you want. Also, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to choose only one from above. Mix and match! Do this & that & everything else in between. Because at the end of the day, you both should enjoy it. Now the only thing which is left is to book a photographer and for that, you simply need to visit Shaadidukaan.com which is India’s biggest online wedding market.

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