Get a Best Underwater Camera and Ensure a Perfect Sunset Shot


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Capturing impressive surf tricks is loved by all but for that there is a need to invest in a high quality best underwater camera.  Luckily there are various options now available to survive drops, submersion and also the frigid temperatures and yet assure you a perfect sunset shot.

Precisely, there is a need to select a camera that is compact offering complete manual controls, HD Video, shoot in RAW and accepting wide-angle lenses such as the lens of a fisheye. Now we have plenty of cameras with best features meeting your criteria. Here are a few tricks to bear in mind while shooting underwater.

Shoot Up

There may be some things that need to shoot up. This is because getting with a subject at eye level down allows viewing a better sense and also to stay connected to the subject. There are many things that help in separating the subject and some may be distracting. So, be mindful of the environment surrounding that also allows engaging a subject.

Tip: Look for reef heads that are not surrounded by sand so that you get to shoot the subjects on the reef and this means you can also get down on the sand and try shooting up. Shooting up gives a sense of connection and scale; besides it is a less threatening approach.

Shoot Vertically

Shooting vertically means you need not take that position. It is about the orientation of the camera. Always taking horizontal photos is possible as it is easy.  But on approaching a subject, you must be able to analyze quickly the best way of capturing the scene or the subject. Besides, in case you aspire for getting a place on a magazine cover with your photos, consider vertical shots. Take advantage of the subject and also use different lighting to get benefited with good shoots.

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